Buses Heat Up with CEJN Coupling Solution

Pressrelease CEJN AB 2004-07-03

CEJN’s ability to turn problems into product solutions has resulted in a coupling combination that is being used to heat buses all over Sweden-and an all-new product line for CEJN.

CEJN teamed up with XPND Corporation, a bus depot-consulting firm, in putting together a winning coupling combination for operators of Connex, Busslink, and Swebus buses, as well as for the Stockholm Local transit authority.

It consists of a plate, affixed with a new CEJN non-drip coupling, start block, and electrical connection, that is being used exclusively in the circulation of glycol water, which heats buses while they are parked at depot ramps.

In terms of the new business, each bus is being equipped with a nipple plate that connects with a coupling plate installed on each ramp. Hence, when a bus arrives at a ramp, the driver disconnects the ramp coupling plate and connects it to the nipple plate on the bus, allowing the glycol water to circulate in order to maintain the temperature inside the bus.

CEJN has been supplying products for the buses and the ramp rebuilds since the end of 2003. The new business gives CEJN the potential to have its products equipped on approximately 5,500 passenger buses and 100 ramps throughout Sweden. Listening to customer needs and putting those exact needs into a product solution were instrumental in the important new business win for CEJN. The project started two years ago, when Peer Ågren, managing director at XPND, approached Olle Dahlén, area manager at CEJN Norden AB, with the need for a coupling that would not leak.

Dahlén contacted Lennart Moberg, designer at CEJN headquarters in Skövde, and, together with Ågren, they analyzed the coupling requirements and came up with a non-drip coupling design that provides easy ramp connection. Following an in-depth study and design process, the team came up with a problem-solving solution. Team members positioned the non-drip coupling onto a plate that also has a start block, which prevents a bus from leaving a ramp without disconnecting, as well as an electrical connection, which charges the bus battery.

Dahlén presented the CEJN coupling solution to operators of Connex, Busslink, and Swebus buses and invited them to visit CEJN to see firsthand its capabilities in product design and supply. They were impressed with their findings and made a unanimous decision while onsite to make the CEJN solution the standard for all ramps. Development of a non-drip fluid coupling for bus use has resulted in CEJN’s release of an entire range of quick connect couplings for broad use in fluid transfer applications.

CEJN’s new non-drip couplings are designed for connecting low-pressure fluid and vacuum lines in which virtually zero spillage is critical. In addition to guarding against spillage, the couplings’ non-drip design eliminates pollution and air inclusion during connection and disconnection.